The PS4 Comment Hall of Shame (page 4)


Remember kids, the more foul the comment, the less regret you’ll feel later in life when scrolling through your comment history:PS4Comment10

Jetsamjetsam is having an existential crisis:


Zane Chambers adds a good deal of much-needed maturity to the situation:


Dendu77, GLaDOSv3gaming and Xavier Duran are fiercely competing to win the Stupid Olympics:


Kaito Samanusekae’s resume confidently claims that he’s a “self-starter:” PS4Comment11Sustained Storm concisely summarizes the entire comments section:ps4comment8

9cloudersprofile’s score is off by about 164,600 points. PS4Comment


That’s all, folks. Couldn’t have ended sooner! But there are 5,950 more in the peanut gallery here if you’re one of those self-loathing types. God help us.

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