The PS4 Comment Hall of Shame (page 3)


Either Chris Calderon randomly mashes his keyboard after every comment, or his keyboard is loudly revolting after years of horrible misuse:


Someday, Cody Long’s parents are going to Google his name and find this:

codylongCommenting on this video was the most politically exciting moment of hollistergod1′s life:

ps4comment4For added hilarity, try reading oliver procter’s comment while looking at his profile image in the eyes:


Rycheney12 wrote the lamest villain origin story ever:

ps4comment6Ten years from now, kerplunk8000 will look at his comment history and wistfully sigh:

ps4comment7Thanks for the relationship advice, Misogynist!

ps4comment9Immortalbeast84 conjures up a foolproof plan: (fun fact: he didn’t go through with it)



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