Alien’s Influence

Everything old is new again as we look at the cyclical history of making, re-making and ripping off Alien games.

WARNING: This video contains quite a few flashing lights because it also contains spoilery footage from the first two Alien films.

Google translate this page for an entertaining list of Alien ripoffs, references, lookalikes and homages in classic games:

How Design Trends Ruin Great Games

I was originally going to title this “Every Game is Exactly The Same” but then that’d be casting *slightly* too wide a net.

Find more George on the TOVG podcast:

The Great Glitch Crisis of 2014

Somehow, somewhere, a version of Tetris had a botched launch. A French revolutionary’s faceflesh slid away from their hair and teeth. A beloved multiplayer console FPS became a hated multiplayer FPS console FPS. Here’s the how and why.

I attempted to reach out to the devs behind Tetris Ultimate, AC: Unity and The Master Chief Collection, but they were (understandably) unresponsive. “Colin,” however, provided me with a great Q&A you can fully see here: (edited for anonymity):
“When Big Games Launch Badly:”
What the heck is wrong with Tetris PS4? (IGN):
Tetris Ultimate PS4 Issues Update (IGN):
Canadian Press on glitchy games:

2014: The Year Video Games Got Stupid

Happy new year, because 2014 sure was dumb.

Games and stuff:
Shovel Knight:
Super Smash Bros. 4:

Review: The Crew

Maybe in a few years, you too can review The Crew 2: Electric Crewgaloo too!

The Crew on Steam:
But you might like this one instead:

“America, Fuck Yeah!” Instrumental:

Anti-War War Games

What happens when video games dish out a harsh dose of reality or thoughtful introspection towards their most familiar theme?

Gotta plug This War of Mine again. Because war’s never been so much fun:
Check out ARMA 2/3 on Steam here: and
And then check out Dslyecxi’s channel to glimpse the game’s potential:
Papers, Please:
Supplementary Materials:
Dev interview:
“One Year In Hell:”
“War Play: Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict:”
1994 BBC Sarajevo Documentary:

Review: Far Cry 4

It’s not quite bad enough to be “Far Cry 3 with elephants,” so instead it’s “Far Cry 3 but slightly better.” Which is totally okay!

Far Cry 4 is on Steam (but then it turns into uPlay) here:

Review: This War of Mine

Whether the guilt trip works on you or not, you just can’t hate on good game design.

This War of Mine is on Steam here:
This video uses music from

Review: Civilization: Beyond Earth

Last week was “Call of Duty: With a Double Jump.” This week is “Civilization V: With Aliens.”

Civilization: Beyond Earth is on Steam here:

Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

“Call of Duty With A Double Jump” is the eleventh Call of Duty game. It is the first Call of Duty game with a double jump, and we have reached a point where that is now a major feature.