October 18: Nostalgia and Time Travel

Today’s most exciting story doesn’t come hot off the heels of press releases or news blogs, but instead out of a very non-journalistic feature written by Christian Donlan on Eurogamer. This piece was a beautiful read; an absorbing mixture of wispy nostalgia that frames a very personal exploration of LA Noire’s most interesting feature: the potential for virtual time travel.

“Playing it with my dad made me realize that those very pains the team took to recreate the past is where the humanity of the whole production actually emerges, whether it’s all the hundreds of insignificant things the team got right, or all the dozens of insignificant things they got wrong. I just needed someone to show it all to me.”

Read dat shit. Also worth checking out: a new recurring Giant Bomb feature about gaming authorship. Read more →

October 17: The Game Industry gets Blocky


In a bewildering unique marketing strategy, Ubisoft decided that it would be a good idea to tote around its upcoming guns n’ nipples FPS to the presumably gentler market of Minecraft fans. The basic idea: a very thorough Minecraft mapper who created the Vector city was hired to re-create the island locales of Far Cry 3 in Minecraft. Players will be able to mine and spoil Far Cry 3 on October 23rd, about one month before the game’s release on November 29th. RPS Reports.

The Wall Street Journal and Game Spot both reported that IGN is up for sale. And has been for awhile, actually. Failures to sell the online game news giant has prodded News Corp into formally auctioning off the site at a predicted loss of $550 million after purchasing the site in 2005. Read more →

Super Bunnyhop rolls out the deuces


Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen. Click on the picture for a link.

Hello and welcome to Bunnyhop! Here you’ll find videos and more, produced by the handsome and flamboyant
George Weidman and Nathan Velliquette. Here you’ll find a new video and written feature about everyone’s
favorite flavor of pop schlock: video games. Consoles, computers, phones, paddles, sticks and pads are all
fair game. Basically, if you like to input choices into a fixed-system virtualization machine that displays
stimulating outputs, you’re taken care of.

You’re also reading the first entry of our new daily blog, where we’ll be riffing on the day’s stupidest headlines.
If this is the case, then you’d be glad to know about how a glitch let untold hundreds of users snatch up free games on Origin, or how Obsidian’s Project Eternity broke kickstarter’s records for fundraising. Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series, is spearheading a new space sim project called Star Citizen. He’s citing Demons Souls and the bitter pangs of reality as design inspirations. In that case, gird yourselves for the easiest game of all time.

Critical Close-up: Zelda (part 1)

“Critical Close-Up” is our new series of game analysis videos. The basic idea is that we read stuff, apply it to our favorite games, and then talk about it.
The first target: Zelda. This will be followed-up next week.

Basically, this was made because egoraptor hasn’t posted his Zelda sequelities yet.


Let’s Try to Play: Ape Escape

Ape Escape is a game. Nathan and I try to play it– doesn’t go over too well.

For Bunnyhop’s own twist on Let’s Play, we’ll try to pick something challenging enough to be entertaining. Like a 13-year old tech demo for the Dual Shock controller. Videos will be edited down to the most precious moments, giving you an entertaining and informative look at the game that won’t take up twelve hours.

We’ll be following up this video soon. Nathan’s playing next time. Thank God.

Visual Noise: A HUD Story

Nathan tries to get his fix, but not if I have anything to say about it.

Introducing Super Bunnyhop

In which Nathan and I introduce ourselves, generally making a mess of things.



Gaming Shows are Dead! Long Live Gaming Shows!

By: George Weidman

Last month, it was announced that ”Pure Pwnage” got turned into a movie while G4TV got kicked off the air.

This is the environment that birthed Super Bunnyhop. If we’re truly living in a time of digital media revolution, then there must be no better example than the rousing world of gaming television. G4’s decade-long struggle to broadcast video games on the flickering blue box on which they were born on was problematic from the start. Halfway through its life, the network gradually steamrolled into a self-destructive mess.

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