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Wrapping Up The Witchers

A series-wide retrospective, with majority focus on game #3. Full of controversial statements!

Review: Shovel Knight

The most descriptive game title since “Wargame.”

The PS4 Comment Hall of Shame

YouTube comments are where sanity goes to die. Way back in March I made a video criticizing the PS4 reveal, and for the first two weeks the viewcount stayed fairly low and most comments showed some kind of coherent thought process. But almost as soon the viewership of this video broke out of bunnyhop subscribers and into the mainstream viewing public of YouTube, views skyrocketed up about as fast as the dislikes. Despite the video being five months old and its production values lacking in comparison to more worthy projects, people just love to hate it.

Would I have chosen a few words differently if I were to do it again? Sure. Has my content gotten better since then? I’d hope so, and the metrics seems to suggest so. Do I still stand by every word I’ve said in the video? Yup.

Here’s a list of some of the most hilariously awful things people have had to say about it. It’s for your own personal amusement, and also my own cathartic release. Be warned though, as you may lose all hope for humanity by the time you make it to the end of this list:



I actually re-read through the script just to see what evidence might be supporting their assumptions. I get so many claims of being an “xbox fanboy” that it was hard not to. Turns out, the word “Xbox” showed up a total of one time, here. And this visual reminder of a certain previous console reveal was hardly less than flattering.


The video gets about 4 of these “xbox fanboy!” comments a day. This just serves to remind us of how (in the mind of these kids) the duality and hype of the console wars is inescapably pervasive. If someone’s not excited for one company competing in a competitive market, then they surely must be excited for the other, right? Even though I seriously don’t give a damn (for justifiable reasons) I have to be excited for something, right? Right!?

ps4commenttruegamerCharles Gill proves that the kind of people who proudly call themselves “a true gamer” are also the kind of people who write comments like that.




Ginzastop16 makes a lot of false assumptions, but he saved the most foul, acerbic and hateful one for last:


Truly devastating.


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How to Make a Single-Player Battlefield Game

A lengthy and detailed review of the single-player portion of Battlefield 3, followed by quick speculation on how this formula can be improved for future sequels.

Oh, and I’m “riff1bw” on Origin if you ever wanna crash helicopters sometime. I’m on this game like all the time.

This video uses music from
Battlefield 3 on Origin: ( (just don’t buy it unless premium is on sale jesus)

Let’s Try to Play: Star Wars: Tie Fighter


George and Nathan discuss flight sims, accessibility, and pretty much every single Star Wars game except this one.

New blog post(!): The Aftermath of MGS2

Jesus. This is the first written content since, like, one jillion years ago. This was also the first Critical Close-up since January, which means that this video was a whopping 5 months in the making. Sure, I wasn’t writing and editing it for the entire 5 months, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the biggest, messiest video project embarked on thus far.

I also managed to put it together in the scant few bits of free time that skipped between the cracks of my two jobs and weekly webshow. It’s the closest thing to a magnum opus yet– a totally new style of writing, delivery and presentation that I hope goes over well, with a layer of polish and production values that the other videos just don’t have. But I still wish I could’ve given it more time.

This blog post is here to announce that we’re gonna break for next week and take some free time for once. All things considered, it’ll actually feel like the first full weekend I’ve had in months. I didn’t even take a break after GDC. Fun fact: I was actually doing the first round of readings for the MGS2 project while on those trains.

This project absolutely wore me out, so one Bunnyhopless week will give me time to rest and also give this video some much-needed time in the spotlight. I’m eager to hear what everyone thought of it!



George W.

Roll Call

Hello world!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably saying “Wow, bunnyhop has new written content! I wonder why it’s been so long?”

That’s why I’m here to give you an explanation.

At some point around mid-December, we decided to rustle our priorities from producing a mix of written and video content to exclusively producing video content. There were several reasons why, a few of which I will list below:

  • In December, we noticed that way more people watched our videos than read our articles
  • At some point in January, a metric shitload of people started watching our videos
  • Those same people didn’t come over to read our articles
  • When a controversial news topic comes up, making a video about it yields our opinion far more exposure than writing an article does
  • All things considered, there’s more to be gained from being an upstart YouTube channel than being an upstart gaming website

This could still be a nifty place for a production blog or something similar, but as far as making entertaining vidya-related content goes, baking it for YouTube is the recipe for success.

That being said, the website isn’t totally a ghost town just yet. We periodically update it to link to new videos. We also talk to plenty of fans who use it as a portal to access the YouTube channel, but we never hear anyone say they were fans of the daily news blogs and weekly written features we did up ’till Christmas.

Plus, writing them was a bit of a shot in the dark. Despite Google having a great set of analytics tools, we really have no way of knowing if anyone reading this is a human being or a spam bot. The channel, on the other hand, is a hotbed of daily activity. So I propose one desperate method for measuring traffic: if you’re human, please please please leave a comment.

It doesn’t have to be a worthwhile, thought-out comment. It doesn’t even have to be in English. Sit on the keyboard, mash your face against it, or put your cat on it. I don’t care, as long as it’s not linking to faux Gucci apparel bags, we’ll know it’s you. If you just leave any kind of comment at all, we’ll have some measure of how many people actually read this stuff, and can adjust our habits accordingly.



December 22: Nerds

Not exactly video game related, but sounds like potential blast: a spot in Dungeons & Dragons session that will be held at ImmortalConFusion is available for purchase. Why? Because eight science fiction and fantasy authors will be part of the experience as well. Needless to say, this could potentially be one of the most descriptive D&D games of all history. Read more →

December 21: Videogames are the Culprit!

The NRA’s weeklong silence about the Conneticut shootings was broken earlier today when Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president, shifted the blame towards video games and away from firearms. The bewildering press conference can be viewed here.

For evaluative purposes: after dealing with protests from the crowd preceding almost ten minutes of fear-sowing,  LaPierre laments the media’s “demonization” of guns before briskly proceeding to demonize video games and action movies. After citing the usual Grand Theft Autos and Mortal Kombats, he mainly references an obscure flash game called Kindergarten Killer. The game is a ten-year old artifact that was bad enough to be blammed from Newgrounds and was last seen in the news in 2008 following a Finnish school shooting. He then suggests that all schools hire armed guards.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,”

- Wayne LaPierre, NRA Vice-Present, shortly after rallying against the unrealistic fantasies of violent action movies

I guess this would be a bad time to remind LaPierre of the NRA’s own depraved video game.

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December 20: Looks Like Another Miserable Holiday


Oh god, Steam Holiday Sale! Read more →