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How Design Trends Ruin Great Games

I was originally going to title this “Every Game is Exactly The Same” but then that’d be casting *slightly* too wide a net.

Find more George on the TOVG podcast:

The Great Glitch Crisis of 2014

Somehow, somewhere, a version of Tetris had a botched launch. A French revolutionary’s faceflesh slid away from their hair and teeth. A beloved multiplayer console FPS became a hated multiplayer FPS console FPS. Here’s the how and why.

I attempted to reach out to the devs behind Tetris Ultimate, AC: Unity and The Master Chief Collection, but they were (understandably) unresponsive. “Colin,” however, provided me with a great Q&A you can fully see here: (edited for anonymity):
“When Big Games Launch Badly:”
What the heck is wrong with Tetris PS4? (IGN):
Tetris Ultimate PS4 Issues Update (IGN):
Canadian Press on glitchy games:

2014: The Year Video Games Got Stupid

Happy new year, because 2014 sure was dumb.

Games and stuff:
Shovel Knight:
Super Smash Bros. 4:

Review: The Crew

Maybe in a few years, you too can review The Crew 2: Electric Crewgaloo too!

The Crew on Steam:
But you might like this one instead:

“America, Fuck Yeah!” Instrumental:

Anti-War War Games

What happens when video games dish out a harsh dose of reality or thoughtful introspection towards their most familiar theme?

Gotta plug This War of Mine again. Because war’s never been so much fun:
Check out ARMA 2/3 on Steam here: and
And then check out Dslyecxi’s channel to glimpse the game’s potential:
Papers, Please:
Supplementary Materials:
Dev interview:
“One Year In Hell:”
“War Play: Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict:”
1994 BBC Sarajevo Documentary:

Review: Far Cry 4

It’s not quite bad enough to be “Far Cry 3 with elephants,” so instead it’s “Far Cry 3 but slightly better.” Which is totally okay!

Far Cry 4 is on Steam (but then it turns into uPlay) here:

Review: This War of Mine

Whether the guilt trip works on you or not, you just can’t hate on good game design.

This War of Mine is on Steam here:
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Review: Civilization: Beyond Earth

Last week was “Call of Duty: With a Double Jump.” This week is “Civilization V: With Aliens.”

Civilization: Beyond Earth is on Steam here:

Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

“Call of Duty With A Double Jump” is the eleventh Call of Duty game. It is the first Call of Duty game with a double jump, and we have reached a point where that is now a major feature.

Review: Door Kickers

The one thing I learned most about Door Kickers during this review is that it looks pretty freaking neat in slow-motion.

Door Kickers on Steam: