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Review: Crypt of the NecroDancer

New, new, neeeeeew! I demand new control schemes to satiate my ceaseless desire for innovation!

Crypt of the NecroDancer is on Steam:

George and friends talk vomiting, last week’s delay, Deus Ex and your $25 class-action PS Vita reward on the TOVG podcast:

Bloodborne and H.P. Lovecraft (Spoilers!)

Shoggoths, tentacles and sanity meters. Let’s see how much Lovecraft there is in Bloodborne!

Warning: this video spoils pretty much everything. Almost all the endings, optional bosses, monsters, item descriptions. Everything.

A free anthology of Lovecraft stories can be found here. I reccomend starting with Call of Cthulhu, then Innsmouth, then the Mountains of Madness:

Review: Axiom Verge

At the time of uploading, Axiom Verge is only available on the PS4 on the PSN Store here:!/en-us/games/axiom-verge/cid=UP2149-CUSA01230_00-AXIOMVERGE001PS4

Due to indie game funding politics, it’ll be coming to PC and other platforms around “May”

Review: Pillars of Eternity

Disclaimer: One time at Dragon Con I had a soda with Chris Avellone and he said I was a cool dude for playing 250 hours of New Vegas.

Pillars of Eternity on Steam:

8th Gen Console Gaming: The Bunnyhop Review

Birds fly, fish swim, and George hates consoles:

Also, here’s a PNG of my Mii avatar so you can stick him on your Christmas cards or whatever:

This video uses music from Kevin Macleod at

Last week on the TOVG podcast, we eschewed newstalk so that we could just chit-chat about games casually. Which devolved into arguing about which Fallout is the best Fallout, of course:

Review: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Do you like hurting other people?

Hotline Miami 2 on Steam:

Australian viewers, I’ve heard that Gamersgate and Get Games Go might work:

George got a PS4 and played a lot of games on it this week also. Hear about it on the TOVG podcast:

This video uses music from

Retro Review: Policenauts

This week I went back and finally checked out Kojima’s forbidden fruit: Policenauts. What did I think?

GDC talk and Maxis getting the axes this week on the TOVG podcast:

Supplementary materials:
Policenauts fan translation project:
Hideo Kojima interview on Game Center CX:
1996 Kojima interview on Policenauts:
Retroware TV’s Policenauts retrospective:

I know I was rough on it, but goddammit that’s a great soundtrack.


Let’s Talk About Game Length

It’s not the length that matters, it’s the… meh.


Just a really useful website in general:

REmake vs. REmake Remake vs. Resident Evil

Hey let’s talk about good games for once. If it’s a version of Resident Evil, it’s probably gonna be a good game.

REmake Remake is on Steam here:
And here’s a .png of Wesker’s face so you can stick it on pictures of athletes or make stickers out of it I dunno:

Alien’s Influence

Everything old is new again as we look at the cyclical history of making, re-making and ripping off Alien games.

WARNING: This video contains quite a few flashing lights because it also contains spoilery footage from the first two Alien films.

Google translate this page for an entertaining list of Alien ripoffs, references, lookalikes and homages in classic games: