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Are the Good Guys Winning?

Let’s take a look back at GDC, and frame it within a 140-charachter snippet of summary.

Let’s Try to Play: Pandemonium!

Nathan and George play through the 2.5D sidescroller, Pandemonium!, in hopes of satisfying Nathan’s childhood dreams. What they find is a whimsical but jarringly dated game that deservedly vanished amongst the stronger platformers of its time.

They probably should have played the sequel instead; that was the magazine ad Nathan saw as a child.

George Goes to GDC

George’s wacky misadventures are now available in handy-dandy playlist format! Learn about cubes, hexagons, journeys and rifts!


Let’s Try to Play: Resident Evil 1.5

Per George, Nathan experiences the many wonders and horrors of Resident Evil 1.5. While George laments its restrictive playability, Nathan delights in the hilarity of an extremely early build of what would become Resident Evil 2.

In the end, it was worth the money. Because they didn’t pay for it. Get it?

Let’s Try to Play: LSD: Dream Emulator

As many people before them, Nathan and George attempt to discover the meaning behind LSD: Dream Emulator. However, their lack of a Japanese vernacular leaves them on a lackadaisical pilgrimage through its surreal dreamscapes to figure out what’s going on.

They don’t succeed.

Prepare your butts for GDC

It took me six hours to make this three-minute video on my laptop.

And yeah. Atlanta used to host E3 back in the 90′s. The more you know!

Note: This video used music from Let it give you aural pleasure.


Let’s Try to Play: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Nathan and George opt to give European Extreme difficulty a whirl for this LT2P. However, it doesn’t go how they expected at all. Fans or not, the game challenges not only their skills but their friendship!

WARNING: This video contains more exclamation points than a early-twentieth century newspaper headline.

Why Buy SimCity, Anyway?

As of publishing, this game will have been out one week. I know that it takes more patience than most gamers seem willing to posses, but maybe it’s still worth waiting before buying. On the bright side, I got to scratch that itch with good ol’ SimCity 4.

And for clarification purposes: inb4 comments thinking this is supposed to be a review. It sure ain’t.

SimCity on Origin:
Music from:

Let’s Discuss: Dishonored

Holy crap, we actually agree about something negative!

You can check out Dishonored on Steam at:

Music from:

Five Reasons to Not Get Hyped for the PS4

And there I was, about to actually be happy for once.

For those who want the list in a more readable fashion;

#5: Diminishing returns
#4: The next gen will be a multiplatform one
#3: We didn’t see demos worth our excitement
#2: Can’t trust it
#1: This console wasn’t made for you.

For the full PS4 press reveal, check here: