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Let’s Try to Play: Ape Escape

Ape Escape is a game. Nathan and I try to play it– doesn’t go over too well.

For Bunnyhop’s own twist on Let’s Play, we’ll try to pick something challenging enough to be entertaining. Like a 13-year old tech demo for the Dual Shock controller. Videos will be edited down to the most precious moments, giving you an entertaining and informative look at the game that won’t take up twelve hours.

We’ll be following up this video soon. Nathan’s playing next time. Thank God.

Visual Noise: A HUD Story

Nathan tries to get his fix, but not if I have anything to say about it.

Introducing Super Bunnyhop

In which Nathan and I introduce ourselves, generally making a mess of things.



Gaming Shows are Dead! Long Live Gaming Shows!

By: George Weidman

Last month, it was announced that ”Pure Pwnage” got turned into a movie while G4TV got kicked off the air.

This is the environment that birthed Super Bunnyhop. If we’re truly living in a time of digital media revolution, then there must be no better example than the rousing world of gaming television. G4’s decade-long struggle to broadcast video games on the flickering blue box on which they were born on was problematic from the start. Halfway through its life, the network gradually steamrolled into a self-destructive mess.

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