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Two Months Later, Gone Home Is Still Asking Us What A Game Actually Is


Two months ago, I made a Gone Home review and said that I’d like to follow it up with an in-depth, deeper and more spoiler-sprinkled second review. Since the Internet ended up hating (the very successful) Gone Home and decided that it was propaganda for left-wing hippies, I’m now on the defensive. But it’s not like I mind. Gone Home is pretty easy to defend.

Shortly after publishing the first review, I noticed a “nongame” sentiment towards Gone Home begin to foment on various message boards and user reviews, and I thought that was interesting because it’s inherently more touchy and twitchy than its counterparts. That was actually a point I made in the review, I did not expect the whole “anti-game” debate to stick to the game, but it did.

The internet has an infinite capacity for misinterpreting everything and jumping to the most hyperbolic conclusions, and that’s pretty hilarious. I saw one too many user reviews that claimed Gone Home was a liberal political conspiracy out to infect our children’s minds with the poisonous gay agenda (and you can see a small clip of one in the article), so I knew I had to write something.

I emailed Steve Gaynor up and asked him about the anti-game accusations, then pooled his answer alongside my own notes and the swatch of negative user reviews to put together this feature that ended up on Gameranx.

Remember that Gone Home is a thoroughly mundane game that uses a constant threat of the supernatural as a bait-and-switch. The whole game is about questioning what we consider “normal” for video game storytelling, and then making those norms look ridiculous. If you’re angry that “nothing happened” or that “the ending was predictable,” then congratulations. You’re getting it. All you can do is feel embarrassed that you were looking forward to seeing a ghost or a suicide or whatever, and that embarrassment is the point.

The feature can be read here:


PS: I’ve added a new “Outside Articles” section to the nav bar on the top of the page, to help people find my non-bunnyhop articles easier. I’ll update it every time I write something for another site, and I’ll also make a few tweets or blog posts or something about it as well, so keep an eye out!


- George Weidman

The PS4 Comment Hall of Shame

YouTube comments are where sanity goes to die. Way back in March I made a video criticizing the PS4 reveal, and for the first two weeks the viewcount stayed fairly low and most comments showed some kind of coherent thought process. But almost as soon the viewership of this video broke out of bunnyhop subscribers and into the mainstream viewing public of YouTube, views skyrocketed up about as fast as the dislikes. Despite the video being five months old and its production values lacking in comparison to more worthy projects, people just love to hate it.

Would I have chosen a few words differently if I were to do it again? Sure. Has my content gotten better since then? I’d hope so, and the metrics seems to suggest so. Do I still stand by every word I’ve said in the video? Yup.

Here’s a list of some of the most hilariously awful things people have had to say about it. It’s for your own personal amusement, and also my own cathartic release. Be warned though, as you may lose all hope for humanity by the time you make it to the end of this list:



I actually re-read through the script just to see what evidence might be supporting their assumptions. I get so many claims of being an “xbox fanboy” that it was hard not to. Turns out, the word “Xbox” showed up a total of one time, here. And this visual reminder of a certain previous console reveal was hardly less than flattering.


The video gets about 4 of these “xbox fanboy!” comments a day. This just serves to remind us of how (in the mind of these kids) the duality and hype of the console wars is inescapably pervasive. If someone’s not excited for one company competing in a competitive market, then they surely must be excited for the other, right? Even though I seriously don’t give a damn (for justifiable reasons) I have to be excited for something, right? Right!?

ps4commenttruegamerCharles Gill proves that the kind of people who proudly call themselves “a true gamer” are also the kind of people who write comments like that.




Ginzastop16 makes a lot of false assumptions, but he saved the most foul, acerbic and hateful one for last:


Truly devastating.


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New blog post(!): The Aftermath of MGS2

Jesus. This is the first written content since, like, one jillion years ago. This was also the first Critical Close-up since January, which means that this video was a whopping 5 months in the making. Sure, I wasn’t writing and editing it for the entire 5 months, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the biggest, messiest video project embarked on thus far.

I also managed to put it together in the scant few bits of free time that skipped between the cracks of my two jobs and weekly webshow. It’s the closest thing to a magnum opus yet– a totally new style of writing, delivery and presentation that I hope goes over well, with a layer of polish and production values that the other videos just don’t have. But I still wish I could’ve given it more time.

This blog post is here to announce that we’re gonna break for next week and take some free time for once. All things considered, it’ll actually feel like the first full weekend I’ve had in months. I didn’t even take a break after GDC. Fun fact: I was actually doing the first round of readings for the MGS2 project while on those trains.

This project absolutely wore me out, so one Bunnyhopless week will give me time to rest and also give this video some much-needed time in the spotlight. I’m eager to hear what everyone thought of it!



George W.

Let’s Try to Play: Super Mario Bros. 3

In which Nathan brings his old Nintendo over, and George makes his most shameful display yet.

Review: Bioshock Infinite

Nathan expresses his personal reactions to this generally-heralded game while trying not to spoil anything. While it has its strong points, Nathan feels it is only fair to share what he didn’t enjoy about it.

With 99.9% less personal attacks, please enjoy his review of Bioshock Infinite!

Let’s Try to Play: Nightmare Creatues

Fun fact: this game has an entire second playable character we never touched. It also had an N64 port with the same exact draw distance and fog problems.

Let’s Try to Play: Gaming’s Grandfathers

Nathan and George moonwalk toward the roots of all gaming. Enjoy their epic journey of experiencing the ancestors of their life passion. However, they are uncertain whether they are actually playing they as they were originally made.

Please note, Nathan is Wedge and George is Needle in Spacewar!

Let’s Try to Play: Wild 9

Nathan and George, again, attempt to live Nathan’s childhood dreams. However, Wild 9 does not end up fulfilling Nathan’s 8-year-old expectations. Instead, Nathan and George find a game that has high production values that doesn’t live up to the investment.

Trust them, it hurts!

Review: Slender: The Arrival

I probably make this sound like a worse game than it actually is, but it still improves on the freeware game in nearly every possible way. Except for some reason, they gave this one more of a dark-blue palette instead of a black one. -G


Let’s Try to Play: Jamestown

Experience history through the lens of a schmup. Sir Walter Raleigh and a cast of other historical figures battle Spaniards and be-tentacled baddies on Mars! Nathan and George battle walls of bullets.

Enjoy seeing what actually happened in the year 1619!

Visit to purchase Jamestown.