November 23: The Kitchen Sink

White, black or gray? People are still making up their minds about the Wii U. Click for Ars’ (newly rewritten) opinion!

Something for everyone happened today.

For optimists: Ars Technica updated their Wii U review (with much more positive impressions than last time), SquareEnix showed us a demo of their Final Fantasy XIV redo (giving the game and the fans a second chance,) and a console version of Resident Evil: Revelations has been revealed (which was much more highly received thanĀ the actual big-budget console resi game we got instead.)

Pessimists: after the (critical and commercial) failure of 007: Legends, Eurocom has laid off more than half of their staff, IO Interactive has already handed off future Hitman development to a different team (perhaps due to Absolution’s lukewarm review reception), and THQ is still bashing on the Wii U’s CPU (citing a slower clock speed than both the PS3 and Xbox 360).

Humanists: Joseph Kyranzes writes for Nightmare Mode now. His first submission can be viewed here (tl;dr: a rabbi, rabbit and robot talk about how game writing sucks.) Edge has updated their per-decade “ten commandments of game design” for 2012 (most timely are the bits about free-to-play models and DRM.) Nightmare Mode founder Patricia Hernandez has ended on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and blasts another personal beanbag onto the bleeding edge of new games journalism (tl;dr: Fallout lifted the curtain on Author’s entire lifetime of American idealism.)

Truly, something for everyone.

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