October 18: Nostalgia and Time Travel

Today’s most exciting story doesn’t come hot off the heels of press releases or news blogs, but instead out of a very non-journalistic feature written by Christian Donlan on Eurogamer. This piece was a beautiful read; an absorbing mixture of wispy nostalgia that frames a very personal exploration of LA Noire’s most interesting feature: the potential for virtual time travel.

“Playing it with my dad made me realize that those very pains the team took to recreate the past is where the humanity of the whole production actually emerges, whether it’s all the hundreds of insignificant things the team got right, or all the dozens of insignificant things they got wrong. I just needed someone to show it all to me.”

Read dat shit. Also worth checking out: a new recurring Giant Bomb feature about gaming authorship.

In newsier news, Valve has restructured its Greenlight system a bit. Now you can post your game concept without paying a $100 charity fee.

CD Projeckt Red starred in several headlines. Their cyberpunk RPG project now has an official name: Cyberpunk 2077 (how creative.) A good old chunk of Good Old Games is coming to Mac, so is The Witcher 2 which now has modding tools.

In Utah, the first criminal nonpayment prosecution in ten years was brought down on Dave Rushton, owner of Sensory Sweep Studios, who allegedly underpayed his employees over $1 million. Kotaku reports.

Also, BoSchitt productions made a Source Filmmaker skit. Hilarity ensued.

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