October 17: The Game Industry gets Blocky


In a bewildering unique marketing strategy, Ubisoft decided that it would be a good idea to tote around its upcoming guns n’ nipples FPS to the presumably gentler market of Minecraft fans. The basic idea: a very thorough Minecraft mapper who created the Vector city was hired to re-create the island locales of Far Cry 3 in Minecraft. Players will be able to mine and spoil Far Cry 3 on October 23rd, about one month before the game’s release on November 29th. RPS Reports.

The Wall Street Journal and Game Spot both reported that IGN is up for sale. And has been for awhile, actually. Failures to sell the online game news giant has prodded News Corp into formally auctioning off the site at a predicted loss of $550 million after purchasing the site in 2005.

Perhaps NewsCorp was banking too much money on IGN. I remember a distinct shift around 2oo0(ish?) where the site drastically broadened its focus from gaming to also include movies, comics, television and the like. And respectably-clad babes. Who remembers the consistent preteen disappointment of sneaking into the “IGN For Men” section? Apparently, such strategies weren’t good for the site’s long-term sustainability.

Also within the past 24 hours: Distance was announced. It’s the spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush, a downright amazing racing game from last year where you controlled a club-drugged Meat Boy during his daily commute to Andromeda.

A director’s cut version of Deadly Premonition is coming for PS3 owners, which will make my oft-delayed playthrough all the more interesting. Reworked combat controls and extra content are promised. Question: if the original version is so bad that it’s good, then do any superficial improvements added on later truly count as improvements?

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