Let’s Review Mario Maker Fan Levels. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

1:28 Shell.bat C279-0000-005F-3A93
2:32 Lost in Metroid by ABE2 – 0000 – 006A – 1C2E
3:06 Mt. Wiggler Detour E007-0000-005A-C847
4:13 Escape the Dungeon With Your Dad 14C0-0000-005D-A3A7
5:39 The Meat Factory by 8D14-0000-007B-6357
6:33 Infiltration by 1710-0000-0079-14FB
8:24 Marzilla Visits Goomba City 7B39-0000-0055-E480
8:56 Vivian’s Final Dreams 7299-0000-0072-77F6
9:25 Mystery Cabin 2 Endings 1004-0000-0053-110C
10:01 Return to Bowser’s Temple 7DFE-0000-006D-29BC
10:31 P-Switches Get Stitches 0305-0000-0078-AB11
12:11 Mario Destroys Capitalism 1E0F-0000-007D-4BBF
13:05 Mushroom Obstacle 3 7F6B-0000-0034-A07E
13:32 Follow That Mushroom 67DB-0000-003A-6BEE
14:08 Wiggler Spring Cavern 37DB-0000-006C-38B1
14:45 Rails by 42BA-0000-0038-8800
15:16 Cloud Runner D140-0000-0072-E0D8
16:37 1-1 14A6-0000-0031-75667

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