Designing Party Action Games with Landon Podbielski (Duck Game)

Making a truly great multiplayer game is tricky and mysterious. So to shed some light on the process, here’s a design-focused (until it’s not) interview about Duck Game!

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The ups and downs of doing online multiplayer as an indie

02:48 What rules/tenets/philosophies did you stick with for Duck Game?
04:38 How do you balance a high skill ceiling with accessibility for new players?
06:03 Are the one-hit KOs a balancing force to level the playing field?
07:02 What were some of the smallest tweaks that made the biggest difference?
08:43 Did players notice those little changes?
09:37 Why are “party games” trending towards deathmatches rather than minigame collections?
11:27 Why are so many local multiplayer games being made for PC?
13:03 What are the challenges of designing a local multiplayer game for PC?
14:25 Why did you choose to develop a multiplayer game rather than a single-player game?
16:02 (Details on the single-player prototype version of Duck Game)
17:26 How would combat work in a single-player Duck Game without guns?
19:45 Do you think comedy aesthetics change a way a game plays mechanically?
22:11 Why does the computer always hate your match results?
25:35 Is the computer’s harsh disposition something you’d patch?
26:50 What was it like publishing with Adult Swim?
28:20 What is Adult Swim’s “theme”?
28:56 Do you have any current plans to put Duck Game on consoles?
31:23 Why ducks? Why Duck Game?
33:16 (Upcoming patch features, customization and “leveling”)

And that’s Duck Game!

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