Super Bunnyhop rolls out the deuces


Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen. Click on the picture for a link.

Hello and welcome to Bunnyhop! Here you’ll find videos and more, produced by the handsome and flamboyant
George Weidman and Nathan Velliquette. Here you’ll find a new video and written feature about everyone’s
favorite flavor of pop schlock: video games. Consoles, computers, phones, paddles, sticks and pads are all
fair game. Basically, if you like to input choices into a fixed-system virtualization machine that displays
stimulating outputs, you’re taken care of.

You’re also reading the first entry of our new daily blog, where we’ll be riffing on the day’s stupidest headlines.
If this is the case, then you’d be glad to know about how a glitch let untold hundreds of users snatch up free games on Origin, or how Obsidian’s Project Eternity broke kickstarter’s records for fundraising. Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series, is spearheading a new space sim project called Star Citizen. He’s citing Demons Souls and the bitter pangs of reality as design inspirations. In that case, gird yourselves for the easiest game of all time.

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