The PS4 Comment Hall of Shame

YouTube comments are where sanity goes to die. Way back in March I made a video criticizing the PS4 reveal, and for the first two weeks the viewcount stayed fairly low and most comments showed some kind of coherent thought process. But almost as soon the viewership of this video broke out of bunnyhop subscribers and into the mainstream viewing public of YouTube, views skyrocketed up about as fast as the dislikes. Despite the video being five months old and its production values lacking in comparison to more worthy projects, people just love to hate it.

Would I have chosen a few words differently if I were to do it again? Sure. Has my content gotten better since then? I’d hope so, and the metrics seems to suggest so. Do I still stand by every word I’ve said in the video? Yup.

Here’s a list of some of the most hilariously awful things people have had to say about it. It’s for your own personal amusement, and also my own cathartic release. Be warned though, as you may lose all hope for humanity by the time you make it to the end of this list:



I actually re-read through the script just to see what evidence might be supporting their assumptions. I get so many claims of being an “xbox fanboy” that it was hard not to. Turns out, the word “Xbox” showed up a total of one time, here. And this visual reminder of a certain previous console reveal was hardly less than flattering.


The video gets about 4 of these “xbox fanboy!” comments a day. This just serves to remind us of how (in the mind of these kids) the duality and hype of the console wars is inescapably pervasive. If someone’s not excited for one company competing in a competitive market, then they surely must be excited for the other, right? Even though I seriously don’t give a damn (for justifiable reasons) I have to be excited for something, right? Right!?

ps4commenttruegamerCharles Gill proves that the kind of people who proudly call themselves “a true gamer” are also the kind of people who write comments like that.




Ginzastop16 makes a lot of false assumptions, but he saved the most foul, acerbic and hateful one for last:


Truly devastating.


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  1. Alchanii says:

    Glad you’re taking this horrible display of humanity in stride. I hate this “YOU MUST BE WITH US, OR THE TERRORISTS” attitude when it comes to the consoles. It’s unhealthy.

  2. Slavoj says:

    LOL! keep it coming!

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