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Super Bunnyhop is transcendental. It’s more than a YouTube channel, it’s a blinking realization of humanity’s destiny into spiritual digitized form. It’s also a YouTube channel.

Basically, this is where curmudgeon journalist George Weidman will be translating his love for games into creative projects for you (our desirable viewers!) to enjoy. The YouTube channel is where the action’s at, here’s where old written content will be archived. I occasionally put a feature here, and there’s also a handy list of game work published outside of Super Bunnyhop as well.

General email is gweidman@superbunnyhop.com. IF you’re feeling confident, send us press releases, preview demos, review copies and any other relevant material and I’ll see about making content out of it!

I’ll also be posting random crap onto Twitter, which gets copypasted onto the Facebook page as well.


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